Six weeks ago, was born. Never could I have imagined:

  1. how fun it would be to write this
  2. how therapeutic  it would be to write this
  3. how much it would resonate with other women.

I don’t have the words to thank you! To all who have clicked on that “follow” link, to those who regularly check in, and to those who have told their friends, please know how very much I value your readership, your comments and your support. It is humbling to say the least–and beyond expectation! To date “sucks” has had nearly 2000 visitors/views in 31  countries around the world. Recognized by as a Top 100 Humor Blog, I even have the honor of displaying this super cool little medallion:Humor-100-transparent_216px

In my first post I joked how unlikely this venture was, given that “tech-savvy” no more describes me than “willowy Nordic blond.” Certainly my sons are surprised. Surprised not that I can write–they’ve know that since the youngest pulled one of my romance novels off a shelf in a grocery store and told the cashier it was “Mommy’s book” — but rather, surprised I’ve gotten this blog up and running.  I understand last month the oldest somehow mentioned his mother’s blog to a date–and then had to sit while she read several posts. BTW, the middle one steadfastly REFUSES to read anything I write. A judicious choice perhaps–given my penchant for brutal honesty and love of “shock value.”

I’m headed to Venice today for a girls’ getaway, so “sucks” will be silent for a week. Please check back in mid-month. Last week I asked “Where Have All the Good Men Gone?” I’m hoping the answer is Italy. 😉 You see, counted among my I ♥ all things Italian–food and shoes, in particular–is a definite partiality toward Mediterranean men. I promise pictures . . .

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