Ladies, I need your input. Recently a longtime family friend (male) asked my oldest, “Hey, what’s with your mom’s man-bashing blog?” At first I laughed. Then I got annoyed. Man-bashing? Really? Well, isn’t that effin’ typical? If a woman calls out a man, points out his short-comings, expresses her dissatisfaction or hurt feelings because of his actions, she’s automatically 1) a bitch 2) crazy 3) on the rag or 4) a man-hater??

A case in point, a few days ago same son and I had arranged to meet for dinner. He had a change of plans, but didn’t bother to text or call and inform me.  So I’m waiting and he’s off with friends. When I got angry at what I considered to be inconsideration, he accused me of having “a tizzy fit.” Time got away from him, he didn’t think it was a big deal, I was over-reacting, blah, blah. So maybe my kid is right? Or maybe he’s a 34-year-old brat? I’m going to go with the latter. Which leads me back to paragraph #1.

I need your comments. “Sucks” was always intended to be a forum for expression and reaction–both of and to my experiences and those of countless other women who have been in my single shoes. To date, as of today (coincidentally “sucks” 2 month anniversary), this blog has been viewed 2530 times by 1397 visitors in 41 countries. I’m thinking that’s A LOT of women who are relating . . . but perhaps I am wrong? (It wouldn’t be the first time.) Ergo my request now for your feedback.

As we women are wont to do, I now find myself questioning myself. On the one hand. I ask, “Have I become bitter? Is “sucks” redundant?” But on the other hand, if men keep giving me the fodder, am I the one at fault for lighting the fuse? I’d love for a man to prove me wrong! Takers?

Ladies, please give me your thoughts, suggestions and criticisms. You can comment here or email me at

5 thoughts on “Man-bashing

  1. I am single, in my fifty’s, a flight attendant and dating does suck. Man after man misrepresenting themselves and I am not supposed to get an “attitude” when I call them out on it…singleat50suckstoo

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