Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

I Still Want Fireworks: A Single-at-60’s Odyssey Through Life, Love & Online Dating by Judith Hill is a compelling memoir that takes readers on a rollicking ride down the path of online dating with the author, a well-published fiction writer. It all starts as a joke and the protagonist convinces herself that this could be the path of inspiration for her next book, a how-to for online dating. But it isn’t long before she is pulled into a dizzying world where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Follow her adventures as she meets and dates guys she finds online and as her mindset shifts. Question is:  Can she really meet in real life the men who are what they pretend to be in virtual space?

Judith Hill’s book is packed with wisdom and insight, powerful lessons from the experiences of a woman who once hungered for love—perhaps desperately. I have read many stories about online dating, but haven’t read anything as exciting as I Still Want Fireworks, even close to it. And readers will love how the author weaves the themes of romance, online dating, online security, fraud, and a lot more into this memoir. What does it really feel like to be single at sixty? The author’s reply will surprise readers and make them change the way they look at relationships. The story is written in a very enjoyable tone and it is very engaging. Fast-paced and injected with a rare sense of humor, this book will keep you up all night.

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I Still Want Fireworks

Judith Hill’s 5-star humor memoir. Shipping to US addresses included.


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