A couple of months ago I submitted my humor memoir/ exposé on online dating to Indie Book Reviewers. The reviews are in!  Here are the first two . . .

 Okay, I think that Judith Hill is my spirit animal! LOL OMG I LOVEEEED this book! I feel like I almost could have written so much of this myself, as I agreed with almost EVERYTHING! Thank you for making me feel less crazy!! I’ve been online dating on and off for several years and I can’t believe just how much of this were things I’d experienced myself, or things I’ve secretly thought. Like the guy’s with ‘mugshot’ pics, or the driving car selfies (usually with sunglasses on) or pics showing how ‘cool’ they are partying like frat boys when they are middle-aged. Or the ones with pics 20 years and 30 lbs ago. And the married ones!! I could go on and on! I was caught by surprise by how enlightening, insightful, and just downright fun this book was, and I also liked that she included many factual references and guides to help navigate the shark-infested online waters.  It is long, but such a fast-paced read! This is a book that can appeal to so many different types of readers, whether actively dating online, and even younger or people who aren’t looking at all. She writes from the perspective and experiences of a divorced/widowed 60-year-old, but I’m in my late 20’s and so much of this applied to me as well – for better or worse. Ha! I liked the ending too… never say never! Recommend for fans of chick/lit and memoirs. (5 stars) Stacy Decker—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


Hi, Judith Hill. Can we be friends and hang out in real life?? 🙂 You are definitely my type of woman and hit the proverbial nail on the head over and over here in this book “I Still Want Fireworks”!  Had some flashbacks of my misspent twenties here and it was awesome!  Hill weaves a highly enjoyable tale that grabs our attention from the very beginning and enthralls us all the way until the (hopefully) happy ending. I adore reading books about other people’s experiences that I can relate to and learn from, and while I’m happily attached now, I went through so many of the same things that Hill writes about, and at the same time was wishing I would have read this before I tried online dating several years ago. I think many people go into it having completely different expectations from the reality (I know I did) and it’s a crazy experience and can be very confusing or upsetting if you don’t have support. I remember the first time I was ‘ghosted’ and I’d never heard of the term and was so shocked/hurt… but now it’s just an accepted hazard of dating life (unfortunately). So many topics that Hill covers, it is actually pretty amazing because it is ALL true, relevant, and what someone – especially a woman – especially especially an older woman who has been out of the scene for a while— definitely needs to read. Perfect pacing (near) flawless editing and great structure. I actually hope that she writes more in a similar vein because she really has a great talent for it. (5 stars) Samantha Ryan—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I Still Want Fireworks is available on Amazon in Kindle ($3.99) and paperback ($9.99). https://www.amazon.com/s?field-keywords=I+still+want+fireworks

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