This post is a blatant ploy. Pure commercialism. No tip-toeing around. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts. These are they: I’m trying to sell a book (or two or four). Please don’t judge–or blame a girl for trying to make a buck.

Since it’s inception in July 2017, has never strived to be any more than what it is: a free, non-monetized venting/humor/advice blog directed at women. My (very) personal musings on life and love with a bit of research and a whole lot of sarcasm thrown in (’cause hey, what doesn’t kill ya, makes you sarcastic) . . . each post addressed whatever issues I personally was dealing with at the time I wrote it. To no one’s greater surprise than my own, I not only hit a common nerve, I found a global audience. To date “sucks” has received over 10,400 views. Women (and men) in 107 countries around the world have contacted me and told me how relatable and true–and funny–my posts have been. “Like talking to my best friend,” one reader wrote. “Very clever, but with a message,” wrote another.

Because many of the pieces are no longer available for viewing online (and because I still don’t trust technology and want a hard copy and because I just like the feel of a book) I compiled the best of sucks into four little volumes. Each collection addresses a specific theme. They are all available for purchase on in Kindle for $2.99 or paperback for $5.99. If you have read and enjoyed my blog (or don’t trust technology either or just like the feel of a book, too), I hope you will buy a book (or two or four). They would make great stocking-stuffers or Secret Santa gifts . . .’cause I can’t be the only sarcastic bitch at the single sisters’ table, can I?

Below are the titles, a brief description and a listing of the articles each contains. There are a few overlaps, where a piece will appear in more than one book because its topic fits a book’s particular theme. BTW, there are also two never before published pieces. They are starred *.

Fact is Stranger Than Fiction An overall collection of the blog’s most popular pieces and my own personal favorites: I Know What I Want; An Open Letter to Men; Where Have All the Good Men Gone; It’s in His Kiss; Let’s Talk About Sex; Fight or Flight; The White Knight, Prince Charming, Mr Right and Other Fairy Tale Romance Lies; Sex vs Intimacy; When You Finally Admit the Emperor Has No Clothes; Rejection is a River; Dating 2018: Women are Coats; Take a Look at Me Now.

Breakups & Starting Over A look at the hard “dos” and ever harder “don’ts” of letting go, moving on and starting over: Time to Say Goodbye; When Unbreakable Breaks; The Flip Side of Hope; An Open Letter to Men; Starting Over Means Getting Over; Finding the Place Called “New Normal”; Do You; Apples, Band-aids and Clowns; Seasons; Candy Land; Rejection is a River; Now Taking Applications.

Relationships Inspired by my own relationship with a man who doesn’t do them: How It All Began; Sex vs Intimacy (parts 1 &2); Seriously?! Again!?; Time to Say Goodbye; Cherry-picking; Yo-yo Romeo; Rules of Engagement; When You Finally Admit the Emperor Has No Clothes; Candy Store; Those Three Little Words*.

Men, Sex & Intimacy A look at the attitudes and behaviors that have long divided men and women: How Men Are Like High Heels; The White Knight, Prince Charming, Mr Right and Other Fairy Tale Romance Lies; S.M.A.R.T. About Men (a 4-part piece, discussing speech, motivation, actions, reactions and thoughts; Let’s Talk About Sex; Sex vs Intimacy (parts 1 & 2); Don’t Blame Darwin; It’s Not a Job If You Like It* ( a piece too explicit for the blog).

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