Once upon a time Judith Hill was a wife and mother. She taught high school and wrote romance novels. Nowadays she is still a mother (to grown-ass men in their 30s–how the eff did that happen?) and a grandmother, divorced, and an international flight attendant writing a humor/advice/vent blog on life, love and online dating. Though the name says “60,” Judith believes (and her followers confirm) that singleat60sucks.com is a site whose platform transcends age.

She invites you to take a look and issues this challenge: If you don’t laugh at least twice or relate at least once, then she has failed. And by all means, you should hit “delete.” But if you do–laugh and relate, that is–then she has succeeded. She hopes in that case, you will comment, “like” or share. But, most of all, she hopes you will scroll to the bottom and hit “follow.”

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Judith,My sister just sent me an article about you from the Delco Daily News.I have been doing the online dating thing off and on for seven years.I have been writing a book about ny experiences but did not want to finish it till I met the “one”. I have been on eight different sites.Did you know that Disney fans have their own dating site?Just read your blog on hope which truly dashed my hopes of finding Mr.Right.In fact I have just read several of your blogs.I have been a widow for 9years at the age of 71 your blogs make me feel very naive about life and men.Peggy


    1. Hi Peggy. Please don’t feel naive! I am perhaps just too jaded. Lol. I try to find the humor in life’s trials. Mostly, I want women to know that whatever they feel, they are not alone! Lots of us experience the exact same emotions and frustrations. But always gave faith!! And belief in your own strength. We women “of an age” have such an amazing capacity for compassion and sisterhood. It is truly one of the greatest gifts I have received these past years. I encourage you to keep writing! Finish your book and call it The Search. Then start another, The Search Continues. Believe me, women will relate! Good luck! Judith


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