Judith’s professional writing career began in 1989. A bored stay-at-home mom, she occasionally fled mommy monotony by running away to the local public library for an hour or two. There she discovered historical romance novels. Always a lover of history (and 1940s & 50s technicolor movies — especially starring Charleton Heston or any redhead ala Eleanor Parker, Susan Hayward or Maureen O’Hara) she found the so-called “bodice-rippers” to be the perfect mix. The history interested her and the romance was a fun fantasy escape.

“I could do this,” she thought . And on a lark she wrote a sex scene. No character names. No plot. No setting. No intent to do anything but amuse herself. Then she showed it to a friend, who loved it. “You should so write a book!” the friend said. And so she did.

Judith’s first historical romance was published in 1991. Fires in the Night was the quintessential “Shiek book” . . . scorching Saharan sands, brooding desert maurauder, captured European spitfire . . . all the stereotypic plot lines and characters. But it sold. And it earned her a 2-book contract. It also earned 3 reviewer awards. In 2017 Judith rewrote Fires, adding dialog and details her publisher’s guidelines wouldn’t allow in the 90s. She republished it in Kindle format with a new (and NON bodice-ripper cover).

Judith’s next book, A Knight’s Desire, was a medieval romance. Knights and ladies, court intrigue based upon a real royal murder, a flawed hero and a villian readers fell in love with … By far Knight’s was her most popular. Originally published in 1992, it was also tweaked in 2016. It has also been released in Kindle.

Her final romance, published in 1994, went way out of the lines. An unusual time period, her Roman centurion turned slave in ancient Britain featured a daring plot detail– a love scene between two Celtic warriors. Her editor balked big time. Then she read it and said “What the hell.” Accurate in military detail, it was read by her military son serving in Afghanistan in 2015. (Frontline soldiers recovering and resting back at base were desperate for reading material. When well-meaning folks back home sent boxes of books, a lot of romance novels ended up in the hands of our troops.) Released on Kindle, Hearts Enslaved hasn’t had the popularity of her prior books. An unfortunate reality because Judith always felt it featured her best hero. But the military detail was accurate and the story earned the highest praise and her best compliment to date: “It was actualy really good, Mom. But I had to rip the stupid cover off.”

In 2016 Judith returned to writing. This time she tackled non-fiction, chronicling her online dating misadventures in a humor/ how-to/ do not do/ memoir. A 2018 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal winner for best humor book, I Still Want Fireworks has earned reader and reviewer praise as “a rollicking ride” and “a must-read” for any woman who has had – or is considering – an online dating adventure. Available in paperback and Kindle, I Still Want Fireworks’ greatest success has been this humor blog it inspired into being.

For further details, refer back the the blog post “I Still Want Fireworks.”

Also available on Amazon: “Fact is Stranger Than Fiction,” “Breakups & Starting Over,” “Relationships,” and ” Men, Sex & Intimacy.” These compilations of her most popular humor pieces (many of which are no longer available for viewing on the blog site), are available in both kindle and paperback.