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If you are interested in purchasing her humoir memoir I STILL WANT FIREWORKS

it is available in Kindle format for $3.99 or in paperback for $9.99 from Amazon (plus shipping) For an autographed copy, please contact Judith directly.

I Still Want Fireworks

Judith Hill’s 5-star humor memoir. Shipping to US addresses included.


If you are interested in one of her historical romances, available in Kindle only, please follow the appropriate link below.

Fires in the Night $3.99 A tale of seduction, set in 1900 French Colonial North Africa. 1991 Winner of Affaire d Coeur’s “Best Foreign Historical,” “Outstandingt Hero” and “Outstanding Heroine.”

Hearts Enslaved $2.99 Against all odds, enemies become lovers in Roman Britain. Winner of Affaire d’ Coeur‘s “1995 Reviewers Award for Excellence.”

A Knight’s Desire $3.99 A medieval love story in the court of England’s Henry II. 1993 Finalist for Colorado Romance Writers’ “Award of Excellence.”